Crayola Supertips Review!

Hi! I’m here with a review of the crayola supertips! Recently I went online to search for pens and I found these markers which cost about ₱300 or about $6 for a pack of 20 but I’ve seen people get a pack of 50 for the same price in some countries.

One thing I noticed with these is the packaging, the cardboard box looks and feels really cheap even for the price you’re paying.

The colors I got were pretty good, even with a 20 piece pack you get pastels and some really bright colors. Here’s a swatch of the colors so you can see the variety.

The pens are actually good for the price especially if your’e planning to use them for coloring and bullet journaling. The tips are a bit delicate but the colors are really vibrant!

I tried them out for hand lettering but it didn’t go so well, probably because they’re not meant for hand lettering. The contrast between thicks and thins aren’t noticeable and the more you use the same side of the tip the results get even worse. One thing I tried doing is I rotate my pen each stroke to get a thinner line but doing this makes the process even harder.

I also tried to other things with it and it works pretty good. I used it for highlighting my books and I also tried them out for coloring and they work well. They don’t bleed unless you run over the same area for more than three times and the colors look amazing!

These markers are not built for hand lettering and you can clearly feel it once you get your hands on one but with that aside you can use them for all sorts of stuff. Even though the colors are vibrant they tend to fade away quickly and the felt tip might break if you push to hard but all in all they are pretty good for the price you’re paying.


  • Great for coloring and journaling but not for hand lettering
  • Amazing colors
  • Cheap in most countries
  • So-so packaging
  • Delicate tips

UPDATE: I used them to color another page on my coloring book and apparently I already broke two tips and some of them seem a bit try already.

UPDATE 2: I have been using these for taking down notes and I broke even more tips and a few more pens seem to get dry but I’ve been using them for lettering and I think they’re doing the job well, you just need to spend some time with these markers to get a hang of them.


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  1. yes Crayola is awesome

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