Faber Castell Calligraphy Brush Pen Review!

Hi everyone! I am back with a review of the Faber Castell calligraphy brush pens take note these are not the PITT artist pens. I bought these for ₱400 or about $8 at an online store.

strandard packaging but definitely better than the crayola supertips



So we all know that there are a lot of cheap brush pens out there and most of them are not that good but these babies that I just got are pretty dang awesome and for the most part I would prefer to use them over the sakura koi coloring brush pen. Here’s the swatch of the pens

forgive my orange I ran out of space

The pack that I got had 12 markers and the colors were just good except for the orange one which is quite murky for me. Here’s a comparison between the orange Faber Castell and other markers that I have so you could have an idea.

so you can’t really see the difference here but yeah it was quite murky.

So first things first these markers have a large tip and at first it was a bit firm but eventually while I was using them they became softer. The pens are really pigmented and the tip is really inky to the point that it looks really juicy and wet when you add pressure, the pens also produce an ombre effect when used on good quality paper or when used right. I also noticed that the pens bleed through a bit, the paper I used here is an 80 gsm regular copy paper.


I would definitely recommend these pens for beginners because their nib is not that soft nor hard, it just has the right amount of flex to it and you use them just like any other brush pens. When you go for an upstroke don’t add too much pressure but when you go down you’ll have to add force to it to make it nice and thick.

Here are examples of our works using the Faber Castell Calligraphy brush pens.



I’ll add an update about the durablity of the pens later on.


  • Good colors except for the orange variation
  • The slightly firmer tip would suit beginners
  • Good quality for the price
  • Packaging is okay
  • Light bleed through

UPDATE: the blue and green variants have frayed a bit already but they’re still usable. I also tried blending with these markers but they don’t seem to work well the colors just don’t mix they just turn dark and muddy.

UPDATE II: almost all markers are frayed already and I don’t use them that much anymore.


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