Artline Stix Review!

Hi guys! I’m back with another pen review this time with the artline stix brush markers! I got these on sale for ₱200 or $4 at a local art supply store.

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it comes with a free connector as well

My first impression about these markers is that they look fun and that they’re definitely built for kids. They have lego bodies though which help in storage and it adds the fun but it also gives it a weird in hand feeling.

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you can connect them like this for easier storage

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The markers have medium sized nibs which are quite firm. I have been practicing with these for days and they don’t seem to get softer. They also seemed to fray a bit already.

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So I tried to use these for hand lettering and it wasn’t the best experience, it took me hours to get used to them. Well yes, they can do thicks and thins but it takes a ton of effort to get used to them. Every time I do a stroke I really have to stop so I can get a better look if i’m getting my strokes right.

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here you can see how the connector works.
Processed with VSCO
a swatch so you can see the colors

The colors are pretty deep and saturated and one thing I noticed is when I tried them on my journal they produced a really nice ombre effect. The pens are really inky and pigmented, they bleed through a bit on regular copy paper.

Here’s a picture of a piece that I’ve done. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make anymore works because I’m quite busy and I was really uncomfortable with the markers.

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Now I wouldn’t recommend these for beginners since they’re hard to control but if you’re finding something that’s really cheap and something you could just practice or color with then they’re really worth checking out. These markers are more like a substitute for crayola markers rather than brush pens so they would also work well for bullet journaling and coloring, but compared to the crayolas they are a bit pricier.


  • Cheap
  • Firm, medium sized and hard to control nibs
  • Deep and pigmented colors which could produce a nice ombre effect
  • Cheap packaging
  • Weird grip feel
  • Great crayola alternatives
  • Not for Beginners!

P.S. I’ll be really busy next week and I’m not sure if I can post an article but I’ll do my best! Right now I’m only reviewing cheaper markers since I take my money directly from my weekly allowance but I’m planning to buy zig markers, which would you recommend the brushables, kuretake fudebiyori or the clean color? Comment down below! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

UPDATE: my markers are still usable but they’re quite frayed already

UPDATE II: I’ve been using them lately and I think they’re not so bad it’s just that they can’t make nice thin lines.


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