Faux Calligraphy Tutorial!

Let’s admit it not everyone can use brush pens with precision (this includes me) and a lot of us have shaky hands but that’s why we have faux calligraphy. Here you’re basically faking calligraphy by making your downstrokes thicker using regular pens.

First you should prepare your materials, you could use regular gel pens, fine liners or markers but for now I’ll be using gel pens and a fineliner from sharpie.

You should start with writing out the words in regular cursive but make sure to add a little bit of space between your letters.


Then add an outline for your downstrokes, this is quite the challenging part since it’s where you’ll have to create smooth transitions. Also be careful not to make the outline too thick because that’s gonna make it look a little to fake.


After that you should start shading your outline and make it look as clean as you can.


You can see here that we’re achieving a similar look to brush lettering.


If you still can’t get the hang of it you should try practicing your cursives or you could add your own touch to your letters if that makes you feel comfortable.

Remember not all of us can do calligraphy in our first try but you should keep practicing and I assure you that improvement is coming your way. Also never compare your works to others especially if you’re beginning because I’m pretty sure that they had tons of practice and that’s why you should too, instead try comparing your recent work with your older works and you’ll see your own progress!

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