Hand Lettering Tips, Tricks and Drills for Beginners!

Hi! So today I’m gonna give you some tips that I think would help you learn and be better with your hand lettering. Technically I’m still a beginner so I’m just sharing the methods that I use and are effective for me.

1. Pick the correct materials

I remember when I first tried out brush lettering and it was a nightmare. At that time I used a water brush pen and it was extremely soft and hard to control so first thing I would advice you to do is to pick the correct materials for your skill level. I would recommend beginners to start with gel pens or crayola markers then move on to smaller brush pens like the pentel fude touch or the tombow fudenosuke since these are easier to control then you can move on to bigger brush pens with less flexible tips for this I would recommend the zig brushables or the kuretake fudebiyori brush pens and then that’s when I think you could use the more complex brushes like the tombows and the ecolines etc.

2. Practice your cursive writing and faux calligraphy

For beginners I would recommend you to keep practicing your cursive and faux calligraphy. Learning faux calligraphy will help you understand the basics of calligraphy and brush lettering like the thick downstrokes, thin upstrokes, the transitions and how you want to do your letters. For faux calligraphy using any gel pen would work just fine.

3. Add your own twists to your letters

Now I know I’ve said this before in my previous blog post but I’m just gonna tell it to you again because I think it’s one thing you should never forget and it’s that you should try experimenting with your font and adding your own touches to letters because it made me feel more comfortable with writing and it gives your work more personality, for my work I prefer adding the loops and curls but for beginners I’d recommend more plain and minimalistic letters. Here pictures of how you can do variations of some letters

These are My own letter variations but in adding your own twists, the limit is your imagination!

4. Practice basic strokes and drills

Here are some basic strokes you could try doing. These will definitely help you learn to control your brush pen and adjust the pressure you apply.

You can also try getting free printable worksheets online, these particularly helped me out a ton when I was beginning!

5. Watch or read tons of hand lettering tutorials

I’ve been brush lettering for about 3 to 4 months now and I have seen great improvements in my works and I would say it’s all thanks to watching tons of hand lettering tutorials. Seeing the process of how people do their work helped me discover how I should do mine and that really helps a lot. Try searching howtohandletter and pieces calligraphy on youtube!

6. Keep practicing and watch your improvement

Giving up is the last thing you would want to do in learning brush lettering. Take every opportunity to practice, like when your at home or at school just scribble drills and letters on your notebooks. This method will definitely help you adjust your pressure control and reduce your shakiness but make sure you don’t use any form of textured paper because it’ll damage your brush pens and that’s the last thing you would want to happen while practicing.

7. Try out different practicing methods

Writing the alphabet and repeating drills over and over again can be really boring but there’s a ton of ways you can practice aside from just scribbling. you can try out bullet journaling, which is like a planner, health tracker and a diary all together. In bullet journaling you basically decorate a lot and that means you can incorporate your calligraphy in your journal. You can also try making greeting cards or thank you cards as well. There are tons of fun ways you can practice hand lettering but if you find scribbling drills and letters effective then just stick with it because sometimes using different practice methods gives you additional work and its not for everyone.

8. Share your work on your social media accounts

I know it might be daunting for some to share your work online but believe me it helps! You’ll learn a lot from other calligraphers, you can make new friends and hopefully you can also inspire other newbies. When I can’t come up with new ideas for my works I also take inspirations from other artists and add my own style to it. Follow my instagram account @_clcblog for updates and for inspirations for your future works!

You can’t always do everything at your first tries and that applies greatly on calligraphy. I had a very bad start, I always compared myself to other calligraphers and I always end up getting discouraged but I never gave up and I kept practicing and here I am now sharing some tips that might help others. Also don’t try getting expensive materials because this doesn’t give you better results, try searching for reviews before you purchase. Check out the rest of my blog posts to see the pens and markers that I have reviewed!

Here are links to some of my favorite channels and to some worksheets that I have used.

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0KXyff9iw121ji9kTxAh2w -howtohandletter

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2XbgN_Kpxw63zVnrFBU8Ow – pieces calligraphy

http://www.bydawnnicole.com/brush-lettering-practice-sheets/ -worksheets for small brushes

http://www.tombowusa.com/lettering-practice-sheets.html – worksheets for big brushes

P.S. If some of my tips seem familiar to you already it’s because I have read and watched tons of tutorials and I might have written some of them here.

THANKS FOR READING! I Hope you find this helpful and if you have any suggestions just leave a comment below!



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